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U.S. government

U.S. assistance to Cuba, 1946-2016

Money targets civil society

It’s all in the fine print

A breakdown

State Department and USAID training programs

Big bucks for software, IT

Advanced C4 Solutions contracts

Toppling Cuba, 1988-2018

30 years of democracy aid to Cuba

Top Cuba contracts, 1988-2018

Recipients of journalism-related grants

Reporting spending, January 2019

Cuba project partners, 2017-19

U.S. government shells out $118 billion

Treasury Department “specially designated nationals”

Breakdown of $475 million in spending

Cuba grant recipients, 1990-2018

Broadcasting Board of Governors (now called Agency for Global Media)

BBG’s top artists, writers and performers

Agency contracts for artists, writers and performers

BBG payments by year

BBG vendors and contractors

BBG awards more than $2 million to Canyon Communications

BBG and soybean farming

Odd and mysterious expenses

Juan Juan Almeida

Juan Juan Almeida/El Morro Productions

Office of Cuba Broadcasting salaries

U.S. Agency for International Development

What $143,795,645,263 looks like at USAID

Going in circles

Blumont contracts

Blumont awards

IRD contracts

IRD awards

Payments to “Cuban Twitter” mastermind

$2.6 million for democracy promotion, 2019

State Department

State Department contracts by zip code, 2018

State Department expenses

Federal employees’ daily allowance around the world

U.S. Embassy in Havana (former Interests Section)

Expenses, 2002-2005

Office of Transition Initiatives

$237 million in OTI contractors

Office of Transition Initiatives contract recipients

Office of Transition Initiatives spending map

OTI target countries

OTI award descriptions


RT Construction contracts

Islands Mechanical Contractor Inc.

More than $11 million for migrant care


U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC expenses

U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC contributions


Directorio Democrático Cubano

NED grants, Cuba, 1988-2018

NED grants, Cuba, 2018

Contracts with Latin American nations

Brazil contracts

Brazil grants

Venezuela grant recipients

Venezuela recipients and grant descriptions

Venezuela list of contractors

Venezuela contracts by year

Venezuela grants by year

U.S. grants to Colombia

U.S. aid to Colombia

Recipients of U.S. aid to Colombia


Immigrant visas issued by U.S. Embassy, Havana, 2009-2018

Total immigrant visas issued to Cubans, 2009-2018

Immigrant waiting list, by country

Civil rights complaints, State Department

Ice cream orders amid government shutdown

Credible fear of persecution claims, by country

Cubans score big in visa lottery