U.S. tax dollars for baseball in Cuba


Cubans are crazy about baseball. Just ask anyone who has been to Esquina Caliente, or the “Hot Corner,” in Havana’s Parque Central. That’s where Cubans gather on most days to furiously debate the finer points of baseball.
As the Red Sox and Dodgers battle it out in the 2018 World Series, you may be interested to know that the U.S. government has been eager to help support Cubans’ baseball habit.
Records show that the Office of Cuba Broadcasting has paid Major League Baseball $525,306 for the rights to broadcast games to Cuba since 2009.

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  1. Well, Tracey, I slightly disagree that the “U. S. government has been eager to help support Cubans’ baseball habit.” As your excellent investigative articles have reported previously, the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, better known as Radio-TV Marti in Miami, has been awash with Counter Revolutionary tax dollars since the 1980s, when a certain Republican administration anointed Jorge Mas Canosa virtually unlimited funds and congressional laws {Helms-Burton, etc.} to overturn Cuba’s revolutionary government. Early-on, ABC-TV aired a still-famous report — “Broadcast to Nowhere” — detailing the vast amount of tax dollars being wasted {WAY BACK THEN} on “Marti” whose anti-Cuba propaganda was easily blocked by Cuba and, as ABC-TV vividly documented, was intended primarily to “enrich Miami supporters” of Counter Revolutionary Cubans…such as members of Congress including the Diaz-Balart brothers, Ros-Lehtinen, Rubio, etc., etc. Speaking of Marco Rubio, the Washington Times this week has an interesting article that explains that Rubio, as is quite evident, is newly anointed {by Trump} as the Canosa-like Cuban-American in charge of Counter Revolutionary dollars as well as Congressional actions and appointments designed to…at long last…upend Revolutionary Cuba. The easily dialed-up Washington Times article explains that Rubio has put visceral career Counter Revolutionaries such as Mauricio Diaz-Carone and Jose Cardenas as powerful decision-makers on John Bolton’s staff and Bolton himself, recently named Trump’s powerful National Security Adviser, is renowned as a vicious career-long/anti-Cuban zealot, as is Trump’s new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Politico’s recent article by a great journalist — Marc Caputo — was/is entitled: “Trump Packs Foreign Policy Team with Cuba Hardliners From Florida” and Caputo named names such as Tomas Regalado, Otto Reich, Carlos Trujillo, Eliot Pedrosa, Alfredo Despaigne, etc., etc., to newly omnipotent Counter Revolutionary positions. Regalado, the former Miami Mayor and Rubio mentor, was recently installed as the new leader at Radio-TV Marti, which you, Tracey, recently exposed as paying up to a million+ tax dollars to a particular person, $800,000+ to others that you named but you also stated that much of the “Marti” tax dollars can’t be traced. In other words, Tracey, anyone who cares or dares to Google how President Trump, strictly at Rubio’s behest, has “PACKED” the U. S. State Department, Trump’s National Security Team, and the Western Hemisphere Affairs division at the U. S. State Department with only the most visceral Cuban Counter Revolutionaries should, I believe, be direly concerned NOT WITH WHAT HAPPENS TO INNOCENT CUBANS ON THE ISLAND but what happens to the U. S. democracy. Also, of course, Rubio is the top Republican and Bob Menendez is the top Democrat on the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee…and, of course, Americans are NOT SUPPOSED to wonder why.

    AND BY THE WAY, TRACEY, the $525,306 tax dollars you say “Marti” had doled out to Major League Baseball is not to support “Cubans’ baseball habit” but, instead, it is a revengeful mocking of all the Cubans now playing on the 30 U. S. Major League teams. That, of course, includes the Gurriel brothers Yuri and Lourdes who have quickly become Major League stars with Houston and Toronto as well as, this very week, the Mesa brothers Victor and Victor Jr. who signed Monday, Oct. 22nd, with the Miami Marlins. Of course, “Marti” loves the fact that the two fathers of those four players — Victor Mesa Sr. and Lourdes Gurriel Sr. — are the two all-time greatest baseball icons in Cuba. Bushels of tax dollars in a massive Washington-to-Miami pipeline since the 1980s has enriched selected Cubans but, of course, mocked and harmed everyone else…including, in particular, democracy-lovers, I believe. And lastly, Tracey, your next excellent video-interview on the island should, I believe, include someone like Rosy Amaro, a brilliant young TV anchor on the island who has been known to sharply criticize Rubio-like U. S. Cubans as well as top Cuban government officials IF she feels they are harming her beloved fellow Cubans on the island. This week on her Facebook page Rosy Amaro included a photo of the Mesa brothers in their new Miami Marlins’ jerseys and she expressed how Cubans feel about such things. Americans, I think, need to know how Cubans on the island feel…not just how Rubio-like Cubans feel. And I’ve come to believe that the Cuban Revolution succeeded because of women like Celia Sanchez, Haydee Santamaria, etc., in the 1950s and it has survived deep into 2018 because of women like Rosy Amaro, her mother Carmen, etc., etc. If Celia, Haydee, Rosy, Carmen, etc., didn’t represent the views of the majority of Cubans on the island since 1952, in October of 2018 there would be no need for a concerted effort by Rubio-Trump to be engaged in a new all-out attempt to regain control of the nearby island, such as the control the Batista-Mafia dictatorship enjoyed from 1952 till 1959. If that latter sentence is not correct, David would never have survived Goliath for all these decades since 1959.


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