“Secret” project to spiffy up Cuban Affairs suite


A Maryland company has been awarded a $418,700 contract to refurbish a Cuban Affairs office at the State Department.
Suite 3234 “is being renovated into a modernized, efficient, attractive, and professional work environment consisting of private offices, systems furniture office space, reception waiting area, data hub room, and workroom/pantry.”
A project document states:

This project is classified as Secret.

Suite 3234 is located at the State Department’s sprawling Harry S. Truman (HST) building, with 1.66 million square feet of office space. A bid solicitation stated:
“Renovation work will also include hazardous material abatement, modification of existing MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems), installation of new MEP systems, and the modification of sprinkler systems. The HST Building is fully occupied and must remain operational throughout any construction or renovation projects since, it is a mission critical facility.”
The State Department’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs oversees Cuban Affairs.
On June 1, CFM Project Consulting Group in Millersville, Maryland, signed a contract to complete the renovation project. The estimated completion date is Feb. 13, 2019.
The bid stated:
“The construction contractors that are selected must become familiar with the unique requirements of working in a mission critical facility while maintain Construction Security Clearances and the manpower resources to renovate projects on time and within budget.
“A facility security clearance at FINAL SECRET level with SECRET safeguarding is required for performance on this contract and any subsequent modifications in accordance with the DD Form 254, Department of Defense Contract Security Classification Specification. Since it will be necessary for Contractor personnel to have access to classified material and/or to enter into areas requiring a security clearance, each Contractor employee requiring such access must possess a SECRET personnel security clearance issued by the Defense Security Service (DSS) prior to contract performance. Individuals must maintain their security clearance throughout the duration of employment under this award. The Government will submit specific clearance requirements, by trade, as part of the RFP process. Specifically designated contractor personnel by the Contracting Officer or Government Project Manager, not requiring cleared access and/or contract performance in areas requiring clearances, may perform on contract providing they pass a favorable NCIC check. Please see SOW for the Renovation of HST WHA Cuba Affairs Project in full details on Security Requirements.”

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