Global Media chief orders investigation


Office of Cuba Broadcasting staffers responsible for an anti-Semitic piece targeting George Soros were put on administrative leave today, John Lansing, the CEO of the Agency for Global Media, said in a statement.
Lansing also announced that he has ordered “an immediate, full content audit to identify any patterns of unethical reporting” at the OCB.
Lansing’s statement is below:

It was brought to my attention this weekend that the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB), which is overseen by the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM), earlier this year aired a video segment about George Soros that is inconsistent with our professional standards and ethics. USAGM networks’ content is required to adhere to the highest standards of professional journalism.
Those deemed responsible for this production will be immediately placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into their apparent misconduct. Disciplinary action appropriate under federal law may then be proposed, including the potential removal of those responsible, depending on the outcome of that investigation.
Since the video first aired, I have brought on board a new OCB Director, Tomás P. Regalado, who is taking this issue just as seriously as I am. I have directed an immediate, full content audit to identify any patterns of unethical reporting at the network. I have asked Director Regalado to also require ethics and standards refresher training for all OCB journalists.
Journalistic integrity is the cornerstone of all USAGM networks. I am personally and professionally offended by this example of unprofessionalism, and I am committed to ensuring that we develop processes and structures to prevent this from happening again.

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