Closing books on “Cuban Twitter” program


On Nov. 30, the Agency for International Development closed out its contract with Xavier Utset, described by the Associated Press as the mastermind behind a secret “Cuban Twitter” program.
Utset ran the program for Creative Associates International, then a USAID contractor. He later became an agency employee.

USAID payments to Xavier Utset

Spending records classified Utset as an “undisclosed domestic awardee.” USAID paid him $320,218 from 2013 to 2016. See background information on Utset.
USAID has paid “undisclosed domestic awardees” a total of $12,430,144 in 2018, records show.
The agency closed out its contract with Utset on Nov. 30 and deobligated $29,782 in funds. Money is often deobligated when it is sitting in an account and is no longer needed for a project.

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