Cuba ranks high on U.S. visa waitlist


Cuba has 13,868 people on the waiting list for F2A immigrant visas for the spouses and children of legal permanent residents.
That puts Cuba third in the world in that visa category, trailing only Mexico and the Dominican Republic, the latest State Department figures show.
Cuba also leads most of the world in visa numbers for F2B immigrant visas. Those are for the adult sons and daughters of legal permanent residents. Cuba has 8,303 people on the list, ahead of China, Guatemala and Jamaica.
In all, 3,791,973 applicants worldwide are waiting for U.S. immigrant visas. Cuba has 55,847 people on the list, ranking 11th overall.
According to the State Department:

Immigrant visa issuances during fiscal year 2019 will be limited by the terms of INA 201 to no more than 226,000 in the family-sponsored preferences and approximately 140,000 in the employment-based preferences. (Visas for “Immediate Relatives” – i.e., spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21 years, and parents of U.S. citizens – are not subject to numerical limitation, however.)
It should by no means be assumed that once an applicant is registered, the case is then continually included in the waiting list totals unless and until a visa is issued. The consular procedures mandate a regular culling of visa cases to remove from the count those unlikely to see further action, so that totals are not unreasonably inflated.
The eleven countries with the highest number of waiting list registrants in FY 2019 are listed below; together these represent 77.8% of the total. This list includes all countries with at least 55,000 persons on the waiting list. There is a seven percent per-country limit, which visa issuances to any single country may not exceed. This limit serves to avoid the potential monopolization of virtually all the annual limitation by applicants from only a few countries. That limitation is not a quota to which any particular country is entitled, however. For FY 2019 the per-country limit will be approximately 25,620.

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