Beat goes on despite government shutdown


Some things are essential even during Donald Trump’s government shutdown, nearing its 29th day.
The U.S. government in recent days has been dealing for everything from ice cream and cold-weather socks to a mobile nuclear reactor “that can address electrical power needs in rapid response scenarios.”
Records show that the government was looking for a contractor to provide ice cream to troops and other customers in Oahu, Hawaii.
A scan of recentĀ ice cream orders shows that vanilla led in popularity, followed by rocky road, macadamia nut, cookies and cream and mint chocolate chip. Sugar-free ice cream and neapolitan were dead last. Vanilla-chocolate swirl and vanilla/orange sherbet were also big losers.
Records show that the federal government was also seeking:

  • A firm to design a two-building solid waste complex at the U.S. Naval Station at Guantanamo. The project budget: $25 million to $100 million.
  • Two unmanned amphibious vehicles that will be used to inspect dams. Vehicles must have the ability to “float and swim across a body of water under own propulsion at up to 3 mph, and exit water back to land.”
  • A company that can monitor 24/7 the “physiology and behavior” of animals used to test drugs. In this case, the Department of Health and Human Services said it had identified the best firm for the job: Vium.
  • Cold-weather gear, including fleece jackets, thermal tops and pants, shirts, socks and gloves. “All items will need to be COYOTE BROWN,” records show.
  • Design concepts for a “small mobile nuclear reactor” able to support military troops during combat operations or humanitarian missions. Size: less than 40 tons so that it can be transported by truck, ship or C-17 aircraft. Health and safety requirement: “No net increase in risk to public safety by either direct radiation from operation or contamination with breach of primary core. Minimized consequences to nearby personnel in case of adversary attack.”

These are among the many thousands of federal business opportunities posted in recent days.
So even during a government shutdown, the bureaucratic machinery grinds on.

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