Chasing money, chasing ghosts


A woman who won a $100 million judgment against the Cuban government over the firing squad death of her brother in Cuba has died.
Lawyer James W. Perkins announced the death of Jeanette Fuller Hausler in a Jan. 28 letter to U.S. District Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein.
“Dear Judge Hellerstein,” the lawyer wrote. “For the many years these proceedings have been pending we have had the privilege of acting as counsel to Petitioner Jeanette Fuller Hausler. We regret to inform the Court that on November 22, 2018, Mrs. Hausler passed away at the age of 89.”
According to court records:
Cuban revolutionaries tried, convicted and shot her brother, William “Bobby” Fuller, in October 1960.

Jeanette Fuller Hausler

The Fuller family had moved from Massachusetts to Cuba in 1903. They operated a roughly 4,000-acre plantation in Holguin.
Bobby Fuller was born in Santiago de Cuba on May 11, 1934.
The family’s assets were confiscated after the revolution and the Fuller family returned to the U.S.
Bobby Fuller went back to Cuba “in an effort to protect his family’s land, businesses and other interests.”
He another American were captured, charged with “counter-revolutionary activities” and killed by firing squad.

Jeanettte Fuller Hausler

Perkins, the lawyer, said William Fuller would likely substitute for Jeanette Fuller Hausler “as the sole successor representative of the Estate of Robert Otis Fuller, deceased, on behalf of all beneficiaries of the Estate and the Estate of Robert Otis Fuller.”
Hausler had sued the Cuban government in 2002. A Florida court granted a $100 million default judgment in 2007.
Her lawyers took their case to U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida in 2008 and that court also granted a default judgment.
In 2013, Hausler joined with two other plaintiffs who had sued Cuba to try to recover their money from 16 banks that held electronic funds transfers that had been blocked under Cuban Assets Control Regulations. It’s a complicated, ongoing case. This 230-page court document┬áprovides a glimpse into this and related cases.

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