Scholarship pipeline runs from Cuba to the U.S. and Africa


The State Department must have some respect for Cuba’s educational system because it has been financing scholarships for Africans who earned college degrees in Cuba.
Back in December, I wrote about a State Department program to send Cubans to graduate school in the United States. See
U.S. spends $1.5 million to train Cuban leaders.”
A contractor named International Research and Exchanges Board, or IREX, runs that program. And, it turns out, the company has also scooped up some promising students educated in Cuba.
IREX website provides the following details about some of the African scholarship winners:

  • Warsama Ali has over three years of experience in caring for community health. Currently, Warsama is the head of the community medical center in Section 7 in Djibouti city, which provides health services for more than 40,000 people and treats especially vulnerable patients with HIV and tuberculosis. Warsama holds a Doctorate of Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine in Santiago de Cuba.
  • Kagiso Pitso has been in public health care management for over three years. Since 2015 he has been the acting CEO of Schweizer-Reneke District Hospital. Kagiso holds a master’s degree in Medical Sciences from the Cienfuegos Faculty of Medical Sciences in Cuba.
  • Evangelina Nguema Ayaga has over five years of experience in the community development sector, in the creation of small and medium enterprises in particular. Currently, Evangelina is CEO for the Malabo H2O Lavandería-Autoservicio SL, where she focuses on improving the quality of life of the poorest people in Equatorial Guinea and Africa by providing a laundry service. She also volunteers in a project called ‘Mujer Ideal’, which aims to empower women. Evangelina holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Carlos Rafael Rodriguez University in Cienfuegos, Cuba.
  • Sulani Nyimbili has over six years’ experience in the veterinary service and livestock development sector. He is currently a fisheries and livestock coordinator in the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Chinsali. Sulani holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics from the Central University of Las Villas, Cuba, and a master’s degree in One Health Analytical Epidemiology from the University of Zambia.
  • Quina Braganca has more than 7 years of experience in the judicial system of Sao Tome and Principe. Quina holds a degree in Law from the University of “Matanzas Camilo Cienfuegos” in Cuba. She is motivated by the desire to see equal justice for all citizens and dreams to become a judge who can provide justice in the name of the people.

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