Freedom House seeks program officer with Cuba experience


Freedom House is looking for someone who knows all about Cuba and has experience living on or traveling to the island.
The successful candidate should be “flexible and adaptable with a good sense of humor and positive attitude,” Freedom House says.
Excerpts from the job description are below:

Program Officer, Latin America
Work Location: Washington, DC – US
# of Openings: 1

Freedom House promotes the spread of freedom and democracy around the world through research, advocacy, and programs that support frontline activists. We are a leader in identifying threats to freedom through our highly regarded analytic reports, including Freedom in the World, Freedom of the Press, Freedom on the Net, and Nations in Transit. With 13 field offices and two U.S. offices, we support the right of every individual to be free.


The Program Officer manages all program aspects for a portfolio of grants, including program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, financial management, fundraising, advocacy, outreach, administration, and backstopping field projects.


  • Implement programmatic aspects of assigned projects including backstopping field projects, work plan development, identifying consultants and sub-grantees, organizing trainings and events, revise and edit reports and documents created by the field
  • Draft short-range, long-range, and annual work plans for one or more country projects as assigned
  • Produce project ideas, design and develop program concepts for proposals, write proposals and prepare budgets
  • Develop effective professional relationships with partner organizations, assist them in increasing their capacity to meet objectives and more effectively implement their own programs
  • Develop and maintain relationships with the donor and diplomatic community, congressional staff, partners and grantees, policy community, other NGOs and think tanks, as directed by supervisor


  • Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, International Relations, Latin America studies, or related field
  • Master’s degree in Political Science, International Relations, Latin America studies, or related field


  • 3-4 years of relevant professional experience
  • Experience living or working in/on Cuba or another closed country in Latin America
  • Experience working on human rights or democracy-related issues in Cuba or another closed country in Latin America
  • Three years of experience in programming, democracy promotion, human rights issues, etc.

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