Diplomat: U.S. spends millions of dollars “to demonize Cuba”


2 thoughts on “Diplomat: U.S. spends millions of dollars “to demonize Cuba””

  1. DIRECT TO THE OWNER OF THIS SITE. Is this website originated from the cuban’s government?. YES OR NO, this represents the interference and penetration of ideas of a foreign government towards our people, demogojia and interventionism of the Cuban government taking advantage of free expression and the internet for everyone, which they DENY to their people, to change the way of thinking of our students in the universities, journalists, people in our congress and institutions in favor of their government, stop playing the Cuban dictatorship, open your eyes, you are complicit in all the suffering, hunger and misery of the Cuban people, stop it.

    • It is well know how are the relationships between US & the rest of Lateinamerica. We will no accept a replacement of our “Cuban dictatorship” by a “Made in US-Cuban dictatorship”. This video is very clear I have nothing to add.


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