U.S. blacklist haunts the dead

Photo: AFP

Even after U.S. government ousted Manuel Noriega and threw him in prison, the former Panamanian strongman’s name remained on an American blacklist of foreigners.
Noriega, once a prized CIA intelligence source, died in May 2017 and he is still on the U.S. Treasury Department’s latest blacklist, along with more than 7,000 other people, companies, organizations and vessels.
Dozens of Cuban entities – including 71 companies, four individuals and four ocean-going vessels – made the 1,311-page list, dated July 22. See graphic.
Noriega appears on the list of 79 offending Cuban entities, along with Noriega’s wife, Felicidad Siero de Noriega; Mexican José Gutiérrez Reyes, linked to Viñales Tours; and Juan M. de la Cruz, former director of Banco Nacional de Cuba.
The four boats among the Cuba-linked entities are the Hermann, Mar Azul, Sand Swan and Tifon. You can search for information about them and photos on such websites as Shipspotting.com.
The Cuban companies include Cubanacán, Empresa Cubana de Aviación, Havanatur, Cubatabaco, Prensa Latina and other organizations.

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