Everyone’s a winner at Radio & TV Martí


Employees of Radio & TV Martí in Miami earned an average of $109,208 in 2018, easily more than double that of most American workers.
Tomás P. Regalado, the former mayor of Miami and director of Radio & TV Martí, led in earnings with $165,000. Irvin Rubenstein, the agency’s administrative officer, followed with $164,200, according to FedsDataCenter.com. See list.
Regalado’s son, Tomás N. Regalado, who was suspended from the organization on July 3 after being accused of taking part in a staged mortar attack in Nicaragua, earned $114,392.
All but six of Radio & TV Martí’s 101 employees in Miami earned $86,571 or more.
The organization spent $11,030,012 in salaries in 2018, figures show. The top three spending categories were: general arts and information, $6,515,627; audiovisual production, $1,608,750; and miscellaneous administration programs, $1,135,595.

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