Big bucks for “battle of ideas”


The U.S. government spent $204,478,658 on democracy promotion projects targeting Cuba from 2001 through 2019, records show.
The top three recipients were:

  • Grupo de Apoyo a la Democracia, with $16,869,165
  • Pan-American Development Foundation, $16,098,509
  • International Republican Institute, $14,985,461

Most of the money – $121,801,254 – went toward “democratic participation and civil society.”
Records show $23,516,054 was for human rights and $20,876,722 wsa for “media and free flow of information.”

Congress set aside an additional $20 million for democracy projects for fiscal 2019, which began on Oct. 1, 2018.
Throw in $911 million that the government has spent for broadcasting to Cuba from 1984 through 2019 and the total hits $1.135 million.
Lawmakers propose spending an additional $32,973,000 for democracy promotion and broadcasting in fiscal 2020.
Note: Dollar amounts revised on Dec. 15, 2020, to correct a tabulation error.

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