USAID plans to spend up to $3 million to investigate Cuban doctors


The U.S. Agency for International Development is offering up to $3 million to organizations that would “investigate, collect, and analyze information related to human rights violations – including forced labor – of Cuban medical personnel exported overseas.”
USAID on Monday stated:

The Cuban regime exploits its medical professionals, teachers and other workers, using them to buy international financial and political support and keep its struggling economy afloat, while pocketing the majority of these workers’ salaries and subjecting them to poor living conditions, constant surveillance, and threatening those who wish to leave their mission. At the same time, Cubans on the island struggle to find adequate healthcare and other basic services while the regime touts the false narrative that it has the best medical care in the world.

The agency’s request for applications follows State Department action on June 20 to add Cuba to its blacklist of human traffickers to combat purported “forced labor” in Cuba’s foreign medical mission program.
Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel criticized the move as “more lies and slanders.” The medical mission program is an “example of solidarity, humanity and noble and legitimate cooperation between the Southern countries,” he tweeted.
USAID said its goal is to expand “basic human rights for all Cuban citizens.” The agency’s request for applications stated:

USAID seeks applications from organizations with experience in Cuba or similarly closed countries that can develop tools to consistently investigate, collect, and analyze information related to human rights violations – including forced labor – of Cuban medical personnel exported overseas. Information collected should also document the effects of these practices on Cubans on the island. The data collected would be used for advocacy within Cuba, in Latin America and with regional and international bodies, such as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in an effort to pressure the Cuban regime to improve the living conditions of doctors and other workers, and promote greater respect for labor and other basic human rights for all Cuban citizens.

USAID’s request is linked to a project aimed at promoting human rights and boosting “domestic and international awareness about the realities faced by Cuban citizens.” See “USAID will highlight ‘failures of the Cuban Revolution.'”
The application deadline is Aug. 26. Groups operating in Cuba will not be required to disclose that the U.S. government is financing their work. The agency stated:

USAID marking requirements have been waived for all LAC/Cuba program activities in accordance with Approved USAID Memorandum, “Marking Requirements Waiver for All Cuba Programs.”
Due to the political sensitivity of the USAID Cuba Program, USAID does not require any attribution to USAID or to the U.S. Government in any materials that will be distributed on the island.

I wonder how balanced and objective these investigations will be since USAID has already stated that the goal is to document human rights violations. What happens if the investigators find something good – will they just avoid reporting that?

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  1. Amazing, but so is everything else related to the obsession of the Republican Party’s post-Obama fixation on finalizing its regime-change in Cuba, even though the prime objective of the the relentless efforts appears to be to create extremely profitable excuses to benefit selected people with unending tax dollars. The second paragraph above seems to quote USAID as ALREADY KNOWING all the evils of Cuba’s foreign medical program BUT STILL IT OFFERS $3 MILLION TO SOMEONE WHO WILL, uh, LET THEM KNOW WHAT THEY ALREADY KNOW. Three decades ago the great ABC-News investigative journalist Jeffrey Kofman in his famous “Broadcast to Nowhere” revelation explained that the prime purpose of money-grabbing entities such as Miami’s Radio-TV Marti operation, a lush but laughable enterprise since 1984, has been to provide easy tax dollars to selected individuals. Mr. Eaton in recent weeks has vividly detailed the continuation of such things in 2019. Such lucrative things have being going on for six decades and counting, Wow!! And with the same relentless credentials. What if Marco Rubio, Bob Menendez, John Bolton, the Diaz-Balarts, Mike Pompeo, Elliott Abrams, Mauricio Claver-Carone, etc., influence USAID and other government agencies to execute their regime-change in Cuba? What then? The U. S. dominated Cuba after the 1898 Spanish-American War right up till January 1, 1959…and I don’t believe the U.S.-beloved Batista dictatorship that fled the Cuban Revolution in the wee hours of that morning qualified as a Democracy. But let’s say that Miami, Newark, and Washington regain control of Cuba and actually create a world-class Democracy on the Caribbean’s largest and arguably its most beautiful island. What happens to all those ENRICHING AND EMPOWERING tax dollars flowing to regime-change tactics? LEST WE FORGET, right-wing Republicans beginning in the 1950’s seemed to believe that U.S.-friendly dictators like Batista, Trujillo, Somoso, Videla, Pinochet, etc., superseded Democracies as far as they were concerned BECAUSE, after all, Democracies like President Salvador Allende had in Chile MIGHT KEEP almost all of that country’s resources for its own people. So, in Chile in the 1970’s…it seems…Nixon, Kissinger, etc., vastly preferred General Pinochet as dictator for 17 bloody years to the Democratically elected and very coup-dead Salvador Allende. So, in the 1950’s did unchecked Eisenhower powerhouses such as VP Nixon, the Dulles brothers, etc., prefer Fulgencio Batista, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Santo Trafficante Jr., etc., in Cuba to either a Democracy or a nationalistic rebel like Fidel Castro? In other words, under a Cuban-controlled Democracy could U. S. interests fare as well as they did from 1952 till 1959 when the U. S. was partnered with Batista and the Mafia? Would a Democratically elected Cuban-controlled president in 1903 have consented so obediently to…say…the taking of plush Guantanamo Bay “in perpetuity?” The 1898 Spanish-American War gave the U. S. dominance over both Cuba and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico today is a U. S. Territory with U. S. citizens. Weeks of San Juan demonstrations just overthrew that supposedly very corrupt government in Puerto Rico that had benefited from billions of U. S. federal dollars. There seem to be two sides to the U.S.-Cuban conundrum and somewhere in between may lie the answer as to why…and how…a vulnerable island nation has somehow managed to maintain its Revolutionary rule for all these decades against such absolutely overwhelming odds. And somewhere among the turmoil and ashes, perhaps people who concocted {and are concocting} the USA Cuban policies from 1898…and especially since 1952 and 1959…TILL THIS VERY DAY will be held responsible for such things as…the USS Maine, Batista, Luciano, Batista’s Masferrer Terror Army, the Bay of Pigs, Operation Northwoods {7 top Military Leaders trying desperately to convince JFK to approve their plan to kill innocent Americans so they could blame it on Cuba}, the 1962 till today embargo, the 1996 till today Helms-Burton Act, the June-2019 till today activation of Title 3/Helms-Burton, the plane bombing of the civilian Cubana Flight 455, the car-bombing of Miami’s brave and decent Cuban-American newsman Emilio Milian, etc, etc. As a Democracy-loving American, age 79, I remain embarrassed about the unanimity of the worldwide 191-to-0 vote in the UN in October of 2016 condemning the United States for BY FAR the longest and cruelest economic embargo ever imposed by a powerful nation against a much weaker nation…and I remain saddened that the bravest and best President in my lifetime, Mr. Obama, was not allowed to correct asinine Cuban policies that say a lot more about the United States than they say about Cuba. COULD all the tax money {and other time-consuming tactics} being used by USAID, the U. S. State Department, the U. S. Treasury, and other Washington powerhouses against little Cuba not be better used for other purposes that truly interest and affect the vast majority of Americans here IN AMERICA?????

  2. Bubba, Cuba has kept those 50-year old Fords and Chevrolets looking good and running well! Any society that can do that has got to be honored — and listened to.

  3. En cuba los medicos son interesados si no regalas o tienes relaciones importantes, decir familia de un dirigente. Yo estudio medicina y veo todos los dias lo in humano de mi pais por ejemplo en el cardiocentro son atendidas las familias de los dirijentes, incluso si uno muy esclucivo ni los estudiantes podemos entrar. Los medicamentos tambien tiene prioridad los dueños del pais. No creen ni en los niños noda mas somos un objoto para el gobierno. Primero las ganancias del pais y ni despues nada ejemplo lo pongo a continuacion los niños en un hospital sin condiciones en santigo de cuba y ellos haciendo un hotel moderno en la esquina del hospital.


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