Those pesky middle initials


Earlier today I wrote a blog post about Robert C. O’Brien, the newly appointed National Security Adviser.
I was eager share what I thought was an incredible story. Robert O’Brien and his wife had traveled to Cuba in 2002 and it had been an amazing experience, one that caused them to think about Cuba in a different way, according to a 2008 book.
The only problem is that I had the wrong O’Brien.

Robert A. O’Brien is on the left. Robert C. O’Brien is the National Security Adviser.

It was Robert A. O’Brien – not Robert C. O’Brien – who went on the Cuba adventure. Thankfully, readers let me know it was wrong and so I took down the post.
I see now that the two O’Briens look nothing alike and yet I still managed to mix up their identities – all this without drugs or alcohol :).
Sorry for the confusion. I’ll be more careful next time around.

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