Regime change: Unfinished business


Back in 2013, I started working on a documentary about U.S. government efforts to promote democracy in Cuba.
I made a rough cut of the video. It needed more work, including subtitles, but I moved on to something else and the project sat around until I forgot about it.
Yesterday, six and a half years since I produced the rough cut, I remembered the documentary and retrieved it from an old hard drive.
The working title was, “Regime change: America’s eternal quest to topple the Cuban government.”
The video runs long and, in hindsight, I don’t like some of the editing choices I made. Despite these imperfections, the video contains some interesting interviews with a wide range of people, including Harold Cardenas, José Fuster, José Luis López, Reinaldo Escobar, Ernesto González, Yoani Sánchez, Joe Garcia, Alberto de la Cruz, Antonio Zamora, Sarah Stephens, William LeoGrande, Sally Shelton-Colby, Jan Schakowsky, Peter Kornbluh, Phil Peters, José Manuel Collera, Percy Alvarado Godoy, Manuel David Orrio, Jesús Arboleya, Eugenio Yáñez, Darsi Ferret, Jeremy Bigwood and John McAuliff.
So here it is, the documentary I never finished.

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