Cuba Broadcasting passes audit


The U.S. government’s own auditors figure that government agencies made $175 billion in improper payments during fiscal year 2019, which ended on Sept. 30, 2019.
Agencies are required to self-police to try to find improper payments.
The Office of Cuba Broadcasting examined 145 payments worth $8,091,442 and discovered 47 improper payments worth $201,540, according to a May 2020 report by the Office of Inspector General at the State Department.
That was considered acceptable and the IG’s office concluded that the Office of Cuba Broadcasting had complied with the law.
Here’s how the IG’s report defined improper payments:

Improper payments are payments that should not have been made or that were made in an incorrect amount. Improper payments include overpayments and underpayments that are made to eligible recipients, duplicative payments, payments made to an ineligible recipient, payments for an ineligible good or service, payments for goods or services not received (except for such payments authorized by law), payments that do not account for credit for applicable discounts, and payments for which an agency cannot determine whether the payments were proper because of insufficient or a lack of supporting documentation.

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