Secret: For your eyes only


Killing Fidel Castro proved impossible for the CIA. Reconstructing the agency’s role in a range of bizarre assassination plots was nearly as difficult.
American intelligence officials weren’t convinced that killing Castro would cause Cuba’s socialist government to collapse, but said the Kennedy administration was intent on assassination, a declassified CIA document says.
The document states:

We cannot overemphasize the extent to which responsible Agency officers felt themselves subject to the Kennedy administration’s severe pressures to do something about Castro and his regime.

The 143-page document, dated May 23, 1967, attempts to reconstruct the CIA’s participation in plots to kill Castro, but the authors say it was not an easy task.
They write:

…No official records were kept of planning, of approvals, or of implementation….We had to rely on information given to us orally by people whose memories are fogged by time.

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