NED: Nearly $14 million in Cuba grants under Trump


Since Donald Trump became president, the State Department has funneled at least $13,954,253 to the National Endowment for Democracy for Cuba-related projects, records show.
Here are the top five recipients through 2019, according to the latest records I could find at

  1. NGO – Non United States Redacted (recipients not disclosed by U.S. government), $2,008,247
  2. Cuban Democratic Directorate, $1,950,000
  3. People in Need (Czech Republic), $716,808
  4. Grupo para la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa en Cuba, $690,000
  5. CubaNet, $675,398

Note: Dollar amounts revised on Dec. 15, 2020, to correct a tabulation error.

23 thoughts on “NED: Nearly $14 million in Cuba grants under Trump”

  1. All the waste and lack of control, while checking Agora Cuba, they have this Cuban engineer Salvador Pascual
    (salvi) (not because is a Cuba news source means the info is bad) Salvador Pascual of Agora Cuba INC on the recipients list in the post above:
    Mediocre coders, trying to replicate legit US platforms and products that already exist , they think they are the ones who can instruct people within Cuba how to use the internet assuming people within Cuba are ignorants, underestimating the ingenuity of people within Cuba that have cars from the 50s still running on Russian and Japanese parts , like if people in Cuba you have to teach them how to use facebook or twitter or how to use a VPN.
    If money needs to be assigned in this regard Silicon Valley is the right place , not Miami.
    It is not a secret that the Cuban apparatus controls Miami (like Havana or better in some instances).
    And then you have the issue of copyrights and US laws , you are giving these “cuban coders” in Miami , some graduated from UCI (fidel castro’s elite computer university in Cuba) and other Cuba universities the false impression that because they have a grant that is intended for Cuba the US copyright laws don’t apply to them and that they are free to duplicate whatever ideas or apps that already exist and some end up being used in US territory .
    You have the issue of technocrats at USAID and NED that they know nothing about tech and this people in Miami with this mediocre apps (they present as great inventions) are benefiting the US taxpayer’s money.
    And then they organize these Cuban events in Miami like this one
    “7:45pm: Lenny Banobre hablará sobre su producto, AdMarket, y las condiciones que le llevaron a desarrollarlo.”
    Where under the name of assisting “Cuba” they create this rudimental website that looks legit to be used within US territory by Spanish speaking youtubers and influencers out of Miami as a for profit business, but is nothing more that a way to circumnavigate youtube and facebook and place manual banners for youtubers in Miami (not in Cuba) to make money in a way that violates the terms of youtube and facebook. All that does is to charge advertisers in Miami for generating a very basic gif format based banner and sends this banner by email to the youtuber who then places them on their videos and livestreaming before the signal arrives to youtube and facebook and functions as an intermediary charging for that manual embedding by the youtubers (manually, not program based) , if you look at the website it has a fairly decent theme and design and it pretends to looks legit , but is nothing more than a very simplistic website with very basic functionality collecting manual banners to be later embedded in youtube and facebook videos as rectangular banners by the youtubers against the youtube and facebook policies, bypassing both companies.
    This banners are now used by political campaigns of local republicans in Miami bypassing google and facebook and putting democrats in a clear disadvantage.
    Local republican politicians that at the same time are a blessing for these out of control grant recipients, the politicians guarantee the continuos flow of money via grants, so money stays in Miami and it recycles influencing US elections.
    The youtubers benefit by this business model based on the violation of youtube and facebook terms and in this election they are all recruited by the republicans lead by Maria Elvira Salazar and other local republicans 24/7 labeling people voting for democrats as “communists” out of the Russian Model of using youtubers, influencers and human trolls. Youtubers than in many cases spread misinformation, hate and promote division.
    So when it comes to tech for Cuba all this is out of control, they are selling their “inventions” as the “savior products” for Cuba when they have no real impact within Cuba , but in Miami and when real tech is already available all around the world that can achieve real results and are already known to Cubans inside Cuba and that are less known to the Cuba aparatus than this mediocre tech people out of Miami. The Cuban apparatus laughs at all these groups and they see them as mutually beneficial.
    Facebooks don’t allow this type of banners:
    Facebook Pages, Groups, and profiles and Instagram accounts must comply with the following:
    1. Don’t include pre, mid, or post-roll ads in videos or audio content.
    2. Don’t include banner ads in videos or images…
    And it takes the time to graphically explain it here (see the banner picture same sells as a substitute of the official ad systems of youtube and facebook)
    And youtube with similar policy to the banner ad format:
    “YouTube creators can not include promotions, sponsorships or other advertisements for third party sponsors or advertisers in their videos where YouTube offers a comparable ad format, including but not limited to video ads (pre, mid and post rolls), image overlays and video bumpers. This is a violation of Section 4 of our Terms of Service and when we become aware of it, YouTube reserves the right to disable monetization and/or remove videos with such unauthorized third party promotions.”
    Means you are no allowed to place rectangular banners, bumpers or commercial breaks on you own, you are not allowed to place ads on you own for any of these formats:

    Please don’t waste the taxpayer’s money, Cubans since the wise Obama policy towards Cuba who brought google, facebook and the internet to the Cuban People know very well how to use facebook, twitter, search on google, they know how to bypass the regime surveillance system when they think is necessary, they know whatsapp is encrypted and are already massively on the internet, you will be impressed by the ingenuity of the youth in cuba , necessity forces make people to be really smart and that;s very unique to Cuba you will be impressed to talk to people within Cuba.


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