20 years and $221 million later


U.S. government agencies reported spending $221,329,357 on Cuba-related projects from about 2001 to 2020, according to USAID’s Foreign Aid Explorer.
The number doesn’t represent total U.S. government spending. Radio & TV Martí isn’t included, for instance. But a look at the $221 million in spending does provide a window into U.S. approach toward Cuba. See interactive graphic.
More than half the money, $125,221,112, went toward “democratic participation and civil society.” Some $31,980,939 was labeled “human rights” and $23,568,228 went toward “media and free flow of information.”

The top five recipients were:

  1. Grupo de Apoyo a la Democracia, $17,827,070
  2. International Republican Institute, $16,464,477
  3. Pan-American Development Foundation, $13,908,002
  4. Center for a Free Cuba, $12,577,309
  5. Creative Associates International, $11,170,671

Note: Dollar amounts revised on Dec. 15, 2020, to correct a tabulation error.

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