U.S. gov’t pays $19 million to unnamed contractors


The U.S. Agency for Global Media paid $38,280,250 to artists, writers, performers and musical groups from 2018 to 2020, records show.
Nearly half – $19,106,558 – were identified as “miscellaneous foreign contractors,” making it almost impossible to identify the recipients.
Records named the remaining 258 contractors, who received a total of $19,173,692. The top three recipients were Suntrap Media Ltd., $499,500; Jamie Dettmer, $455,185; and LSA Communications Inc., $333,420. Click below to see interactive graphic.

The agency oversees Radio & TV Martí, which is based in South Florida. I pulled out $1,675,451 in contractors with Florida addresses. Click below for an interactive graphic showing their names and other details.

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